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Scottish adj : of or relating to or characteristic of Scotland or its people or culture or its English dialect or Gaelic language; "Scots gaelic"; "the Scots community in New York"; "`Scottish' tends to be the more formal term as in `The Scottish Symphony' or `Scottish authors' or `Scottish mountains'"; "`Scotch' is in disfavor with Scottish people and is used primarily outside Scotland except in such frozen phrases as `Scotch broth' or `Scotch whiskey' or `Scotch plaid'" [syn: Scots, Scotch] n : the dialect of English used in Scotland [syn: Scots, Scots English]

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From Scot + -ish.


  1. Of a person, native to or born in Scotland.
  2. Of a thing or concept, of or pertaining to Scotland.


of a person
of a thing or concept

Proper noun

  1. The people of Scotland.


the people of Scotland

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